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The History of Amour De Cotons

My name is Danielle Gauthier. Personally, my breeding story goes back many, many happy years – over 30 years to be exact. I am a nurse and I started breeding English Bulldogs while I was in nursing school at Gloucester County College in NJ in 1983 (more of that story to follow below). While I adored the bulldogs and still do, I decided to focus on a breed that could have natural puppy birth. In 1985 I moved to Philadelphia to a 4th floor apartment and I was still bitten by the breeding bug. I fell in love with the Great Pyrenees “Pyrs” and they were my whole world from then on.

Amour de Cotons , Happy

After back surgery in 2006, I had to face reality and acknowledge that I could not manage to breed such large family members. Around that time the cover of Dog World had this wonderful, fluffy white puppy. I found out it was a Coton De Tulear and loved what I discovered.

Cotons are a fun, loving (and fun-loving), playful, highly intelligent and very affectionate breed. Most Cotons are happy to meet new people and great with children and other furry friends. They are also easy to train as they are eager to please their family. You can’t help but love them from the moment you meet them. In terms of appearance and conformation, I will leave that to the many websites that cover those details. One item to make note of is that they are one of the few breeds that have hair, and are a great fit for people with allergies.

Amour de Cotons , Cute

As I mentioned above my great adventures began in 1983. My daughter, Michelle (Birchie’s mom), fell in love with English Bulldogs. I asked around and researched the dog magazines. I also decided that anyone living in our household had to earn their keep.

In 1985 I moved to Philadelphia. This is when I adopted Kasha, a female Great Pyrenees. Kasha's pedigree was handwritten by Carolyn Hardy, a top judge and owner in the world of Pyrenees. I contacted Carolyn to discuss the lineage (Karolaska and Quibbletown) which I knew to be gorgeous dogs. She kindly became my mentor and before I left Philadelphia in 1990 I found my wonderful Ryatt, my first male Pyr. I bred Pyrs from 1985 until 2008. During the last 7 years I spent some time in the show ring and took my Magnus to his Championship. His granddaughter placed 4th in Puppy Sweepstakes at the Pyr National in 2006. After back surgery that year, I realized if I wanted to continue to breed my own dogs, I had to change my breed and my career.

And from there you know the rest of my history of Amour de Cotons in Amissville, VA and my love for the canny, smart, loveable, loyal and a bit clownish Coton de Tulear.

History of the Cotons de Tulear

The cotons de Tulear requires a good brushing every other day, and they are known to have little shedding except immediately after grooming. Having very little dander also qualifies them to be hypoallergenic. Often between the age of six and 18 months old they should receive a "puppy cut," also known as the "blowing coat" stage. The color of the coat is mostly white, with some ginger, some with black patches and some tricolor. The Cotons de Tulear enjoy an average life expectancy of 16 to 18 years.