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Fall In Love With Coton de Tulear

                       LITTER BORN  4/1/2018,  4 males/3 females


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Danielle Gauthier: Successful Breeder For 30 Years

I am an accomplished and professional dog breeder with 30 years of experience in the field, and am pleased to offer clients in Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland my services as owner of Amour De Cotons. Breeding Cotons de Tulear has become my life’s passion, and I would be pleased to introduce you as well to the amazing world of this incredible fun-loving, cuddly, soft and hypoallergenic breed.

This coton de tulear is a rear breed from Madagascar posing
#1 Internationale  Mother to Cotonbrie, Gran Razzie Dazzie of Amour De Cotons. Her name is Cotonbrie Anastasia.
This coton de tulear is a rear breed from Madagascar  looking in mirror
Here are our Grand Parents and Parents, in their summer coat, at the groomer.

My Services Include:

  • Breeding
  • Certification On Parents Before Breeding
  • Give List of Food To Buy, With Samples
  • Gives Sample To New Parents With Contact For NuVet
  • No Boarding Services
  • Recommend Groomers & Mobile Vets
  • Recommend Grooming Tools & Videos
  • Recommend Veterinarians In The Area


  • All Cotons Registered with American RARE Breeds
  • Contract With Spay/Neuter Clause, Genetic Guarantee For One Year
  • NuVet Vitamins Partner
  • OFA Certification & CERF DNA Testing Done On Parents Prior To Breeding Groomers

I will continue at this time to require that all new puppies going to their new home be spayed and neutered. Part of the breeding program is to be vigilant with the health and happiness of your companion. I have not changed my nutrition program in 30 years, using Small Breed Puppy, and Adult Small Bites ProPlan are still my go-to for appropriate foods for this breed.

This coton de tulear is a rear breed from Madagascar.
This coton de tulear is a rear breed from Madagascar, unique